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To install a language:

  • Download a language package from the list below. There are three folders in each package each containing a single file.
  • Copy twatch/{language_name}.php file to twatch/locale folder on your server.
  • Copy country/{language_name}.php file to twatch/country/locale folder on your server.
  • Copy user/{language_name}.php file to twatch/user/locale folder on your server.

To translate TraceWatch to a new language:

If your language is not listed below you can VOLUNTEER to translate TraceWatch to your language:

  • It's easy, there are three files that you should generate.
  • Open twatch/locale/template.php, twatch/country/locale/template.php and twatch/user/locale/template.php in an editor and follow the instructions written as comments in those files.
  • If you want others to use your translation make a package like the ones below and post it to the language files forum to be included in the list below after review.

    The package you upload should be a zip file named {language_name}.zip containing 3 folders; twatch, country and user each one containing a {language_name}.php file.

    for example Spanish translation package should be named and it should contain:


* If the language file is not marked (Up to Date) a few phrases may not get translated.

* If the language file is marked (Abandoned) it means the translator is not updating the translation anymore. You can take over and continue the job if you want.

Bulgarian Unseen Pro Ltd v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo
Dutch WBSoft Automatisering, Den Haag, Nederland v0.32 Demo
German v0.335 Demo
Japanese Miaka v0.338 Demo
Korean KIM Jung-Wan v0.338 Demo
Norwegian Kjetil Elde v0.32 Demo
Persian Arash Dejkam v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo
Polish iRas v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo
Portuguese Vitor Neves v0.32 Demo
Russian Fedor Yastrebov v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo
Spanish Jesus Marin v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo
Swedish Micael Pedersén v0.32 Demo
Turkish Korhan v0.335 Demo
Ukrainian Fedor Yastrebov v0.350 (Up to Date) Demo

Current Version: 0.353